5 Responses to Attention: price changes

  1. A. Stickney says:

    Please clarify your message. Does it mean that the free pricing is no longer available, that I will be charged $19.90 a month from hereon out?

    • Emil says:


      It only means that Starter and Pro plan pricing is affected. No changes to anything else, including free sites.

      Thank you.

  2. 9jApromusic says:

    Nice an lovely

  3. kim says:


    Your site and offerings look very good as an alternative to ning.

    I was hovering over the join button but was stopped by the fact that you do not offer paid access at the pro level.

    Just letting you know.


    • Zima says:

      We give free trial during the first month. You can also address the issue more thoroughly by providing more details at the forum.

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