14 Responses to Participate in Wall.fm Quality Group!

  1. Chris C says:

    When I click the link “Read here how to apply”, it takes me nowhere. :-)

  2. Danny Bias says:

    The links that you posted for the Quality Group does not work…….

  3. Neil says:

    Hello I received an email that was for an invite to the “Quality Group.
    When I clicked on the link “Read here how to apply” is goes to a search box. I am not sure what is going on but I would like to participate in the program. Any information regarding this would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Shannon Rae says:

    Links both say ‘not found’.

  5. Tim peArson says:

    I’m interested in the quality group

  6. Friendies says:

    When we click ‘Read Here how to apply’ we get the error “Not Found”?

  7. gerardo antonio vazquez alfaro says:

    THANKS.. but I cannot aplly for you inivtation beacuse the link is broken

    ing. gerardo antonio vazquez algaro

  8. I would desire to be qualified to Participate in Wall.fm Quality Group! I am a Php Web Developer and have been very exited in watching Wall.fm and Oxwall Grow. I am a Disabled person with a desire to upgrade but have not been able due to monetary reasons. I am not begging,, and i will have enough to upgrade soon. I have shared your ideas with others and too somewhat of a success. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yours Truly Robin D.

  9. marcella says:

    the link ‘read here how to apply’ for the Quality Group Program is broken :-(

  10. Kashi says:

    Hello,can i ask you something? I can’t participate for that event.That link was broken.

  11. I want to join the quality group program and recieve my free upgrade to pro. However when I click the link in your email it says page not found

  12. Emil says:


    I’m sorry, the link was broken, now it’s corrected. Thank you.

  13. Dragon says:


    I send you a mail for the invite code, you have not replied back to me, at the mail I have send you, can you please reply.


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