25 Responses to New update: cover images, who viewed me, new theme

  1. Devin Rossey says:

    none of those features are found any where on my admin panel.

    • Emil says:

      You need to make sure that the update has already been applied to your website (you should have received email notification about that), and then search for those plugins in Admin Area -> Plugins -> Available Plugins.

      • dear EMIL nice projects you have taken but the problem remains
        there is stability at the top and the chat still is not free for our friends
        would be right if we had a chat at the beginning
          to be able to make members

  2. chang says:

    Thanks for this update, I am very happy to use wall.fm to share interests and SEO.

  3. Isadorable says:

    Hey Hey Hey !
    First of all ! great updates ! I was waiting for this, you don’t know how much !
    I just wanted to know when the update will be finish for everyone ? approximately :3


    • Emil says:

      Thank you for your feedback. You should receive an email notification when your site is ready. All websites are scheduled to be finished by Friday.

      • Najib says:

        Emil @ What about the Chat plugin that is similar to Facebook, whether there was yes, if no where to be downloaded or installed on wall.fm this? Thank you …

  4. hitterblog says:

    is there any way of getting the see who has viewed you on to the main page instead of dashboard

    • Emil says:

      This widget was intended to be shown for individual users (on dashboard), rather than on the site entrance (index page). That’s why we only show it on user dashboard.

  5. CWilde says:

    Thank you, I love the updates…
    I installed the plugin for “Who viewed me”, but don’t see it on the profiles….
    What I really want is to see some exciting adult themes…

    • Emil says:

      “Who viewed me” is a plugin that you need to install. Then there will be a widget that you can add to user dashboards in Admin Area -> Pages & Menus -> User Dashboard. It will be shown to all users then.

      • CWilde says:

        lol..I know it has to be installed…The widget is visible in the dashboard but I don’t see it on my profile…

      • CWilde says:

        Oh never mind, just saw your reply to someone else in reference to the widget…

  6. Pyae Phyo says:

    Nice, I really love it. The group page and the profile page looks like Facebook. Congratulations. Please try to improve the font size for wall.fm. :)

  7. JAKE JASE says:


  8. Mariela says:

    Thank you very much for telling me of this new update. We come to have a network on Ning for over 4 years. We decided to go, because of the changes they are doing bad, it makes little estamor arming our network here and we are very happy so far.
    Thank you very much!
    Greetings from Uruguay

  9. sachin says:

    love it!!!

  10. Gembel says:

    Thanks for updates Sir,
    Best regards

  11. Luz says:

    Hello! I have a question:
    I would like to create a social network here, but I have only debit card.
    Not possible with this type of card?
    It is mandatory to have a credit card?
    They have an option to pay with paypal?
    Thank you for your

  12. Luz says:

    Hello, it’s me again!
    I am very interested in setting up an account with you.
    I have a social network on Ning, but Ning
    made few changes to its platform
    help me not for what I do.
    I pay my network on Ning with my debit card.
    Try to do the math here with my debit card
    but it says invalid card number.
    As I can do?
    What choices are
    for people who do not have credit card
    but we are interested in creating a social network here?
    What options do we offer?
    I have no credit card for you
    ‘m undocumented in
    United States.
    Can you help please!

  13. amazing update !! wall.fm is the best of best

  14. codebrono says:

    grasias wall fm eh creado una red social muy buena con buenas visitas :) y lo mejor es que cada dia hay mejores aplicaciones grasias :D

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