Free site registration is now invite-only

Dear customers,

We are informing you that new free websites on can only be created by invitation, effective today. From now on, to set up a website on the Free plan you will need to obtain a special invite code.

Free by invite

This move was long overdue, since growth really started taking its toll on server performance and customer support. We could have raised more capital to support it and let customers go through the growth pains with us. However, we made a different choice. We decided to focus on existing customers and make sure we serve them well, before we take new ones.

We hope it makes our priorities clear. In our view, this move is going to bring immediate benefits to everyone who chooses for creating their own community site or a social network.

How invites are issued

We wanted to have a fair method of issuing invites, because as with any limited resource, not everybody will get easy access to it. Thus we decided to give invites to paid subscribers. Every time when paying monthly plan invoices, they will receive a certain number of invites to use for their own new sites and to give away to anyone in need. The first batch of invites has already been issued.

How do I get an invite to create a free website?

Since we do not give away invites directly, you can ask paid subscribers for those. They get them in abundance, so you could post a request in the forums, or try to contact invite holders in private.

What happens to my existing free site?

Nothing. It continues to work as usual, on the same terms as before. Unlike other services, we are grandfathering all existing free sites on It’s just that there’s now limited opportunity to create new ones for free.

Are there any changes for paid plan subscribers?

No changes, except for the better service. Since we will have less customers, you will receive faster support and use more server resources. This can only be good for all community sites out there, both paid and remaining free ones.

Free trials

To preserve the direct way to create a website on for evaluation purposes, we now offer free 30 day trials for all plans. Before trial expiration you may use an invite to convert your site to the Free plan. Otherwise, upon trial end you will be issued an invoice for your chosen plan.

Overall, we think is about to become an even better tool for running your community site or a social network. We can now better focus on the product, customer service, robustness, and speed. It’s exciting time to be with for your community project needs. Expect more news from us!

Thanks for creating with us! team

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11 Responses to Free site registration is now invite-only

  1. Saint Luke's says:

    I like this idea. I can see where your going with this. I think this is an awesome idea to work with your customers and have more time with them to resolve issues on sites and servers. This will cut back on a lot and allow more time for support. While at the same time keep the service free for potential new customers with in the family and future growth and upgrades. Great Idea, I’m very happy with this path you choose. I’ll support this! Great Job.

  2. Jorge says:

    Hi, I am new in here and Just created a small site for me and classmate; does anyone here have a invite code that you can share?

  3. miad says:

    i want invite code for create a free
    please send me thanks

  4. Victoria Delane says:

    I would also love an invite code as well. :)

  5. Isaac Idakwo says:

    I really appreciate the new policy and new look of the site. Above all for the allowing the old sites to still enjoy their free sites

  6. stephan says:

    hi thanks for the services. you guys do a good job.
    I also want an INVITE CODE please.. thank you. :)

  7. Samson says:

    Hi, I really appreciate these services. Wall has made my day. I have always wanted to own a social network for my friends and course mates. I have many questions to ask and am dam serious about getting the pro! But can any one give me the invite code to access the features of the site. Thank you. You can send it to my e-mail:

  8. hossam says:

    please give me invite code thanks :)

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