Enhanced support for Pro and Ultimate plans + 6 new themes

We constantly search for ways to improve customer service. Earlier Pro and Ultimate customers had to go to our support portal to submit private tickets. Now it’s possible to do right from your Wall.fm account and site admin area:

New support

Feel free to try it out. It’s as easy as hitting the “Support” button in the left bottom corner of your screen and dropping us a couple of lines. If this is not easy, we don’t know what is. The purpose of this change is to be closer to you, and if it results in hearing more from you when you are in need, we are all for it.

Customers on other plans, feel free to enjoy the same timely public forum support at support.wall.fm, as usual.


And of course, what kind of a news piece is that without some eye candy?

We’ve just rolled out 6 (six!) amazing new themes for your websites. Feel free to check them out in your site’s admin area and apply if you want to stand out from the crowd. We will continue to design more themes of the same quality for you.

We work hard to keep you on top of the online community sites industry. We have some serious product plans for this year that will roll out before your eyes in 2013.

Thanks for creating with us!
Wall.fm team

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10 Responses to Enhanced support for Pro and Ultimate plans + 6 new themes

  1. Saint Luke's says:

    Thank you for the new support system. It is much, much, much better, easier, and more efficient. Keep this up and your on the right track for very happy customers. Thank you very much for this new support system!!

  2. Evans Mwewa says:

    i would like to know how i can make money from this site i know i can bring in people in my site but i would like to know how i can get paid with this site

  3. I am currently on a pro plan yet I can not find the support button on the admin dashboard

  4. Dear Wall.fm,

    I have been very grateful and thankful to you. I’ve been a witness to your growth. Now, the site is a paid site. Thank you so much for retaining my site. I’ve never known a team like wall.fm who is very kind. Thank you very much. ‘God bless you more.

  5. Ben says:

    I have run oxwall a lot for my website and found it perfect,
    my current hosts cant run oxwall on the plan I have so I am using wall.fm with hopes to soon upgrade.
    Just like the guy above its great that you offer the services you do I tok a look a some other website that claim to be as good as wall.fm but tbh its all rubbish,
    so thank you for making this service for us to use

  6. deniz says:

    just wanna say, your themes is awasome…

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