Wall.fm 2.0 Is Here

Simple and Efficient.

We believe that’s how Wall.fm should be for everyone. Our goal is to give you the perfect tool for the creation of successful social websites. As we all move another step closer to this accomplishment, allow us to introduce you to Wall.fm 2.0. It’s the familiar service with substantially improved user experience, including revamped look and feel, as well as thoroughly polished pricing strategy.

Click through the slideshow below to learn about the changes, or read the entire Wall.fm 2.0 Overview on a single page.

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174 Responses to Wall.fm 2.0 Is Here

  1. Supaveen says:

    Wall.Fm is really great! I dont know how to put my logo into the website. Please help!

  2. muzammil says:

    if i upgrade my web to starter,pro or ,ultimate .Will i can earn money on which basis?

  3. ans says:

    i have completed making my websites, by websites i mean tpsnetwork.wall.fm and bssnet.wall.fm

  4. Rizky says:

    how to use a new toolbar in my site??

  5. grownfolkz says:

    please help asap… i have changed my email, and now cant login. i get some debug info. i am trying to pay my account..but cant access my website

  6. Uhh , I Can’t Find My Website On The Internet !!! >:(

  7. kujtim says:

    i need serious help can you PLZ help me delete my account i thought about it and then i was like i have to delete it help

  8. grownfolkz says:

    i am still trying to get in my website…….no help at all and i am a paying customer

    • Zima says:

      I’m replying as soon I’ve noticed your posts. Anyway, you are using the Pro Plan now, but it seems that you are using two different email addresses. Please check if you input all of your details correctly. We’ve also found no reports from you (or even your account) on the forum. If everything is inputted correctly, visit support.wall.fm, register your account USING THE SAME EMAIL you use for your Wall.fm account and submit a ticket. Our operator is on standby waiting to help you.

      • grownfolkz says:

        can you please go in master reset.. so that i can fix my email i want to use..

        • Zima says:

          As far as I know Margareth is working with you on the issue. Still, if you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact our billing department.

  9. chinmain says:

    help me .. How to create a new Menu in Menu-bar ..?

  10. Elric says:

    I just upgraded my site to pro an hour ago, however I still do not have access to premium features.

    • Zima says:

      The system is automatic and you should have had all Pro features immediately after the upgrade. But if you decided to go back to Free anyway, and want to make sure you are not charged, contact billing@wall.fm with all the details.

  11. Pablo says:

    Hi, my question is:
    can I create two tabs for the same purpose (example: videos)?
    I want this to be able to upload videos by category.


  12. Elric says:

    I attempted to delete my site and got charged for the pro membership after i already deleted my account. You guys drew me into the negative for a service i did not want!

    I owe my bank nearly $100 because of you! I need to get in touch with whomever is responsible for refunds RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!

  13. Does anyone know how i can edit the log on page…. it’s quit boring so i need to spice it up abit…

  14. flipper says:

    How may i earn money after upgrading my accoun?
    Btw Great Website! – Flipper

  15. i created a site but i dont know how to add visitors functions

  16. steven hogan says:

    how do u use this webpage

  17. shan says:

    can i post advertisement in my page…if yes, how can i..

  18. Sam says:

    Hi, I made an account and started to make my site I verified my e-mail address, went offline and it woulnt let me get back to my website, so I tried to re verify it wouldnt let me, so I made a new account same email address everything but I still can’t get to my web site bigfatgypsysocial.wall.fm. Please help

  19. how do i customise my website,just post methods redirects

  20. How will i earn money from this site?????????????????

  21. Hi I no longer have online chat on my website. Please tell me why this this and how I can fix this issue. Thank you.

  22. first thing i dont want my users to be using email for verification
    second i want then to be using phone numbers for verification
    third how do i payout my money
    fourth i dont want my site to be showing (powered by wall.fm,report this site ) i dont like those add
    please please help me

  23. you know i dont like the advertisement google has been puting on my site,its too disturbing

  24. Christal says:

    Hi … I have received an email that my website has been suspended due to using too much that was required originally with the basic version…is there anyway that it can be reversed?

  25. Patrick says:

    Hi, I’m having problems with the newsfeed and the more button, they don’t work properly, the feed won’t send properly as you need to refresh the page and the more just doesn’t work, also I can’t delete any of the messages.

    Can you help!!!

  26. Ajin says:

    It’s very Intresting

  27. i dont know why but i cant get to the admin page on my website

  28. Yuri senpai says:

    Dear sir,madam:
    I can’t Costumize Also i can’t see the menu Admin
    And i am shock the way i click Costumize page it’s sayin
    Page not FOUND also i can’t go to admin menu Idon’t know how to restore it Sir,madam Can you please help me about this

  29. Mitchell says:

    Hey Onw of my users have forgotton there password, and there e-mail one is the same, is there a way i can see my users passwords

  30. Mitchell says:

    Hello, how can i see my users passwords

  31. beta says:

    what limit the user can join my site if i uses a free plan

  32. Min Min says:

    Please help me.There is tow problem with me.
    The first one i would like to change menu tab design on my site.
    second one when i created new page how can i write some blog in new page.

  33. jony says:

    txn wall.fm for free social network

  34. Future Hit says:

    Am I allowed to earn money out of the website using a free plan?

  35. herman says:

    Hay admin. I want to change
    the language of this site but I
    do not know how to pack.
    Please send Indonesian who
    has been in the pack. Thank

  36. this is really great website….i luv it..can u help me plss….i want to add fb chat and to create options like fb..can i do this??if so pls hel me…waiting for u reply !

  37. netta says:

    hi zima, can i let anon to come and post comments or something

  38. ozi says:

    How do i earn money?

  39. Hay zima am not able to access my site wats happening?

  40. Ahmed Khan says:

    Guys..is wall.fm money making website or this is fake..
    if this is money making website the how to check our money…plzzz reply fast

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