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  1. Sijo says:

    =) lucky i hit 18 y/o this past march 27 XD

  2. Sarah says:

    Just to clarify – You need to be at least 18 to build a site or just to participate. My site is a non-profit volunteer site and several members (non-managers) are under 18. If you must be 18 just to participate, I will have to move my site elsewhere.

  3. Dirk Pogue says:


    I currently use this site for educational purposes (an 8th grade class). The ages in this class are 13 and 14. Are you saying that 13 years can be registered, but 14 year olds cannot? Also, a couple of teachers at my school intended to use wall.fm with their high school classes ( ages 15-16). Is that no longer a consideration?

    • irene says:

      to Dirk Pogue: Do not worry. Sites for users over 13 years old fall in the general category in our Terms of Use. But if your site is accessible to children 13 years old and under, it must comply with the clause 7 of our regulations. Basically, you already follow our rules if you run a private education-specific website in compliance with COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act), thus pupils of any age can join it.

  4. irene says:

    to Sarah: This regulation is specific for the account owners only. Your members can be younger (unless they are under 13, in which case your site must comply with clause 7 of our Terms of Use).

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the information!

  6. ankit says:

    my date of birth is 31/01/1995 can i run the site and if not plz tell the procedure to transfer the site

    • Zima says:

      to ankit: The procedure is very simple. You just have to give all the account details to your legal guardian, who will change login and email info to his own, becoming the main official operator of the website.

  7. I agree with this your new changes, anyway I am above 18y

  8. zoe says:

    how do I render my acceptance of the new terms of use. I agree to accept these new terms of use

  9. Zima says:

    to zoe: What you have to do is read thoroughly through the new Terms of Use and render your acceptance. If you disagree with the new regulations, you must suspend using our services. The continued use of the Wall.fm services signifies your acceptance of our policies.

  10. I am in total agreement that site owner should be 18 and over, however what as worried me at the lack of original information how these youngsters can hand over their sites to an legal guardian. With interest I now see questions ask within the 7 day period that included a weekend when answers could not be obtained.

    It would seem that there was great lack of thought on this issue that being the fact that those under age did not fully understand what they should do. Now we have the time ticking away, in fact if I asked your customers and client they would have no clue at what the deadline time and date really was? When is it? Then because of all these questions are you going to change the deadline giving these youngsters time to fulfill your needs?

    I am very disturbed at the fact your going to accept guardians with out affidavit evidence? This factor could cause a problem at a later date, as anyone even a child of eleven can claim they are a guardian as by your very flippant system you see as an answer to this problem. As time goes by, laws will be changed to protect children and young adults. If you know at present that certain site owners are under age then you really must make sure their guardians are what they say they are.

    Its only those that lie about their age in the future under your new rules, that you are protected by in this new regulation. This factor could change under new or appended law but its only then you need to apply new safe guards.

    This of course is only my opinion I only know about legal issues but am not qualified on this area.

  11. Mohamad zuki says:

    regarding to that http://naknak.wal.fm
    can the admin adjust the name as naknak on the all site either google or yahoo for more easier to find and locate by order user.

  12. Zima says:

    to Bob Johnson-Perkins We have throughly thought about the issue and the transfer to the new Terms of Use was implemented completely in accordance with our initial plans. We did anticipate user feedback on the matter, including additional procedural questions. Nevertheless, it was our understanding all along that the one-week time frame will be quite sufficient to deal with all issues arising from the change. At the same time, judging by the numbers, the update went quite smoothly; hence we are truly grateful to our customers for understanding.

    Once again, our position was to bring Wall.fm policies in line with similar regulations of other international entities. It was never our intention to over-complicate matters with additional correspondence, including sending affidavits, etc. The Terms of Use are exactly what they are – a set of rules that users can agree to, disagree, or accept dishonestly. We, just as many other service providers, have no direct means to verify this. However, if we do encounter an infringement, the service will be terminated for a specific user.

  13. Zima says:

    to Mohamad zuki: Please refer to Wall.fm Support Forum with all software-related questions.

  14. MMITPRO says:

    too bad…! damn.. how matter that?

  15. MMITPRO says:

    then, that not fair. my site is for it .. not for adult topic!!

  16. B says:


    Is it possible to have users of my social network agree to “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Agreements” when they sign up? I can’t seem to figure out how to add that option.


  17. This issue dont concerns vannerfrieds, i work against childabuse o internet and i have big big probes with the platform my childabuse site is located.
    I also have a little son who got the diagnose Jouberts Syndorme,he got the diagnose
    recently and i like to combine this and childabuse fight in a site at wall fm.
    Now i wounder if i can create a site to share this with other and go under education site.
    The site will contain much info about these issues and i gonna invite organisations/parents who are working with Jouberts syndrome and who are working against childabuse.
    I like to have this site open for all ages.
    Regards Kenneth Alfsson in sweden

    • Zima says:

      All Wall.fm sites have to comply with our Terms of Use, and general COPPA requirements.

      • OK… Thanks for a great platform and great staff&crew :) .
        I don´t know why i thought it was possible to find a way around ;) , i have full respect cause internet today is not a healthy place for kids and our young ones.
        Keep up the good work on wall fm platform.
        Best regards Kenneth Alfsson

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