9 Responses to WackWall is now Wall.fm!

  1. Grant says:

    Love the shorter urls, it is a great help. Thankyou

  2. pnuece says:


  3. Vio... says:

    Very nice and very easy but very hard to explain this to the members…

  4. taza says:

    Absolutely marvelous this change, Congratulations.
    Absolutely better.
    WALL.FM (and why fm???)
    Wonderful anyway.
    I could not really solve those NING troubles… perhaps we should just forget that.
    anand TAZA

  5. Raul says:

    awesome url

  6. Mario says:

    Less 5 letters DO make a difference! Even with a custom domain tied to my (now!) wall.fm, users using the “direct” address find it easier to write it down in the browser. Also, the address now sounds more serious, more professional (although your supporters have been extraordinarily professional to me in all my questions and problem reports). It’s really a nice and welcome change. Great idea!

  7. Xie Lin says:

    aah nice X)

    but fm ? whats that ?

  8. Julio Marchi says:

    I’d have said f**k you Tom Cruise…

    I’d also have said to him: “First of all you are a retarded monkey! Then you are a “scientologist” just because some methods from Scientology helped your weak brain to memorize the words you had to say in front of the cameras! Finally you cannot ‘demand’ people to not use a group of words just because in your frustrated childhood you had an idea that even now (when you are f**king old and crappy) you are unable to bring it to life. Get over your frustrations!

    Despite of the fact that OxWall name is one million times better than WackWall, I wouldn’t never have given that jack ass anything without a fight. I’d also make him waste tons of money fighting for it, and also I’d use it all to promote my product… All over his DUMB-ASS expense!! :P

    I simply hate those people who think they can do anything just because they have money or fame! Such a douchebag!

    BTW, I’d never let those domains go… Keep it registered and sell it to him for a very large amount of loot!!!

    If you need help, let me know! :)
    Julio Marchi

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